Looking to Trim Down for the Beach? Then Avoid a Liquid Cleanse

With summer officially here, and temperatures across large chunks of the U.S. jumping into the triple digit range, the time to hit the beach has definitely arrived. And as always, worries about swimsuit fits, cellulite and unsightly flab are coming along for the ride. With precious little time left before that trip to the shore many of us who have yet to shed as many pounds as we would like are starting to look for a fast track option. However before you grab that Master Cleanse or one of its competitors from the shelf you may want to read what a group of experts had to say to New Beauty Magazine about the benefits and risks of a liquid cleanse.

For example according to San Francisco nutritionist Rania Batayneh, “The body naturally detoxifies itself through the lungs, skin, liver and kidneys, so to do a juice cleanse or any other liquid cleanse is really unnecessary if you’re putting the proper nutrients in your body. The reality is that most people end up gaining the weight back.”

Ugh, depressing. And sadly the bad news does not end there, Ms. Batayneh and other nutritionists interviewed for the piece detail how the lack of protien taken in during a cleanse can actually slow your bodies metabolism, making it HARDER to loose the weight. Then you have to worry about the increased risk of binge eating once your free of the cleanse and about the fact that once you’ve committed to doing a cleanse stopping half-way through because of lack of willpower can leave you worse off than if you never started to begin with.

Long story short most liquid cleanses and the weight-loss they promise sound to good to be true because they are. So keep hitting the gym, ordering the salad and turning down the desert tray for now, rest assured you won’t be the only one. And if we ever do find a magic bullet for quick weight loss, don’t worry, we’ll post it here!

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