Travel Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

As summer has obviously arrived (temperatures may exceed 100 degrees today!), vacations and traveling are on the brain, well when the heat isn’t. Short day trips are always fun and easy. There are no travel preparations, besides maybe the picnic lunch and a water bottle or two – and if you are driving, don’t forget to fill the gas tank. For the most part, during summer, we want to go on longer vacations, ones that do require travel plans. If you are anything like me, going away for a week means some serious planning, you know, outfit wise. Between laying out your clothes, trying to narrow down your number of outfits, to narrowing it down to only two pairs of pants, then that one sweater in case of unexpected chills at night, and then finally what shoes to bring! For me, once I step foot into the airport, I want all my worries packed away – or at least sitting patiently behind my front door until I have to face them again in one weeks time.

Readers, does it take you as long, and as much preparation to travel?

So to even further insure a relaxing vacation, from start to finish a.k.a. the plane rides, be sure you know what you need for the airport as well as being prepared for the airport itself. The obvious ones are your ID and ticket. And of course, the infamous maximum of 3ounces per liquid baring container (this is because more than 3 ounces of a liquid can somehow turn into a bomb at 30,000 feet up…I think). Tip; just go to CVS or some other store of similar genre and buy travel size bottles. Also, people always bring their tweezers on board; they will get thrown away at security – conclusion, if your uni-brow won’t grow back in a week, leave the tweezers at home (if you can’t bear to be without them, then spend the extra $3 for a new pair when you arrive at your destination).

This topic brings us to ever so great traveling conundrum; to check or to carry-on? It seems like a pretty obvious answer, at least for those of us who know we cannot afford to replace even a pair of undies if they were to get lost (thanks economy!). However, the more fortunate people – the ones who can also afford to go on longer than just a week vacation – often have more luggage and are forced to, dun-dun-duunn, check their bags. Well, if you are facing the unfortunate scenario of checking your luggage, be sure you have what you need immediately in your carry-on. More importantly, if you have irreplaceable items, those should go in a carry-on bag as well. Unfortunately, this article was a little late for a certain British Duchess. The duchess I speak of is none other than the British Duchess who is now famously known for losing her bag of fine, irreplaceable jewels on a flight out of Glasgow Airport, six years ago! Even though she filed a police report and took all the proper precautions to recuperate her luggage, apparently being a royal doesn’t help. Most of her jewels were recovered just before they were about to be auctioned off in a Scottish auction! Yes, the airport failed to follow up with the report, and when the jewels were recovered, the airport “sold them to a Glasgow diamond trader for less than $7,500 and donated the proceeds to charity,” says spokeswoman Sharon Morrison. The Duchess got a lawyer involved and now the jewels will be returned to her. The Duchess, now 68, made a statement saying “I’m absolutely amazed, I thought that after six years I’d lost them forever. [The jewels] were absolutely irreplaceable, so I’m incredibly delighted. The tiara was a Victorian family one and the necklace was given to me for my 21st birthday. So everything was very special. When I spotted the brooch, I couldn’t believe it.”

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