Pointy Toed Shoes are Poppin!

Shoes can make or break and outfit.  This season’s trend aim’s toward the pointy toed shoes!  Even though it is summer, celebrities on all the red carpets are sporting stilettos with fierce pointy toes.  Emma Stone has been caught on the red carpet tour for The Amazing Spider-Man wearing some sensational pointed shoes.  Gwen Stefani is never behind on her style.  She has some pointy toed high heels in her own L.A.M.B shoe collection and has been seen wearing them around town.   This shoe is getting hotter and hotter as summer goes on, so here is the low down on the wonderful pointy toed trend.

A stiletto that comes to a point can be flattering in many ways.  The first reason this look works is because it is a shoe style that elongates your legs.  You can be petite or tall and it will always make your legs looks stunning and longer than usual.  It will give you that extra inch, which will help you pull off more hemlines with your clothing choice.  Another reason that pointy toed shoes look fabulous is because they make a statement.  If you choose a high heel with a pointed toe, your shoes will pop!  You will catch everyone’s eye and it can make your outfit complete.  You can also find this style in a range of prices and colors.  If you are on a budget, you can pick up a pair of pointy toes for under $60.                                                                                       This is a shoe everyone can enjoy.

If you are afraid of this style shoe making your foot look too big, you’re wrong.  Be fashion forward next time you are shopping and choose a pointy toed shoe.  You can start with a basic color to work into your wardrobe, like nude or black.  Once you realize how awesome your pointed stilettos are you can work some funky ones in.  Step outside of the box with some neon’s, studs, or strappy pointed shoes.  Catch this trend because pointy toed shoes are poppin!

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