Sundresses are hot for summer!

Summer is a great time to show some skin.  With hot humid weather, the best way to dress is in light materials and minimal clothing.  Sundresses are essential for summer.  You can throw them on over a bathing suit, slip into one for dinner, or relax in one on your back porch.  No matter the occasion, a sundress is cute and comfortable.

Find a dress that is flattering on you.  As everyone knows, females are all different shapes and sizes.  If you are thinner, you have more options but don’t go with an oversized sundress or you will look frumpy.  If you are curvier, find a sundress with some support.  If you need the support on the top, they make sundresses with built in bras.  If you need the support through your mid-section, find one that wraps around your waist or is ruched so it will flatter your shape.  And no matter what your size or shape, having a flowing bottom always looks nice.

Don’t be afraid to try bright colors.  Neon’s are hotter than ever this summer.  If you have a tan, don’t be afraid to wear a bright yellow or electric lime sundress.  If neon’s don’t match your personality, try a bright turquoise blue or fantastic fuchsia.

Also, remember to accessorize!  No matter the color, great accessories can change the entire look of your sundress.  Do seashell accessories for a more casual beach look.  Or add some Swarovski chandeliers to take your day look into the evening.  Shoes are another great way to accessorize with your sundress.  Throw on a pair of flip flops and you are ready to run errands.  But you can take it a step further and throw on a pair of stilettos to go dance the night away.

There are so many fun ways you can wear a sundress.  Bust out your shades and flip flops and head to the mall.  You can find cute ones in all price ranges and sizes.  A sundress this summer is a must have, so be sure to have a few in your closet for any event that pops up!

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