Sizzle in Silver


Let’s face it, after Lady Gaga wore a meat dress the world realized anything goes!  Fashion has never been so varied and celebrities are wearing whatever they can to stand out.  With so many fantastic colors out there, one color stands out in the crowd this summer…silver!  Silver is on all the red carpets and in all the runways shows.  Designers are making silver pants, shorts, tops and dresses.  Lea Michele stood out at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards in a structured Atelier Versace short dress.  She was right on point with this silver mini.   She even took it a step further and paired her dress with silver stilettos. You an find many short silver dresses  in the 2012 Fall collection.

Finding the right shade of silver is important.  Typically brunettes look better in silver but there is a wide range of silver for girls with other hair and skin tones.  Blondes be aware!  Silver is not an easy color to wear, so start with bright silver.  The duller the silver, the more it will wash you out.  If you feel like silver doesn’t look good on you, try using it in an accessory.

Silver is so much fun and is also a great accent color.  Spice up a boring black outfit with a sassy silver clutch or statement necklace.  Put on some silver bangle bracelets with a white tee and your ready for a night out!  You can play with your nail designs by adding some silver tips to your mani or a funky metallic silver design.  Silver has also made a comeback with cosmetics.  Line your eyes with silver shadow or eye liner to bring out your tan this summer.

Always remember to start simple and play with silver to match your personality.  Fashion is fun and there are a lot of great places to find something silver at a reasonable price.  Don’t’ be afraid to try something new and be a little fashion forward this season.  Silver is here to stay, so be on trend this summer and sizzle in silver!

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