How to Primp without Acting Like a Diva

You want your makeup, hair and outfit to be as flawless as possible, but you also don’t want to come across as a diva while you do it. A few sneaky dos and don’ts can help your look stay fresh without pegging you as a self-absorbed snob.

 Do take a bathroom break. Bathrooms are the proper places to check your hair, makeup, panty lines or anything else you want to check while out in public. That’s why the places have mirrors, after all! Taking dozens of bathroom breaks doesn’t cut it. Besides, your date and pals may interpret your constant bathroom trips as you being sick or doing drugs. A couple of bathroom breaks are OK, especially when you first enter a place or after a few drinks or a meal.

 Don’t admire yourself in every shiny, reflective surface you pass. That screams diva like nothing else can! You also want to refrain from pulling out a compact mirror at the bar or dinner table or applying makeup in either location. That tactic screams tacky! Besides, it could get kind of messy if someone bumps into you at the bar or your get food in your face powder.

 Do sneak peeks in less obvious items. Spot-check your makeup in the reflection in your smartphone.  Pretend you’re gazing deeply into a wishing well or pond so you can check your hair. The sides of shiny vehicles or their windows can be a prime way to sneakily check your reflection, as can shiny bus stop signs or even your silver-plated, thick cuff bracelet!

 Don’t primp and drive. Yes, your car may be a private place, but it’s not the place to adjust your makeup if you’re driving. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents. If you fear your makeup needs adjusting, just think how much worse it would need adjusting if you get in a crash. Primping as a passenger is fine. After all, it’s probably why cars come with lighted vanity mirrors above the passenger seat! Be careful if the ride is bouncy or the turns are sharp. You don’t need an eyeliner pencil stuck in your eye.

Safety should always come before looks, although looks can take a close second. This counts as long as the looks aren’t constant and they preferably come from people other than yourself.

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