What’s In and What’s Out for Your New Favorite T-Shirt

Grunge had its heyday more than a decade back, but that doesn’t stop some gals from still piling a dirty-looking flannel over a dirty-looking T-shirt. Please don’t. Not only is the look no longer cool, it also screams of confusion. Perhaps you’re confused as to what decade you’re in. Or maybe you’re confused about the operation of that thing called a washing machine.

A Tee with Class

T-shirts with class are where it’s at for spring and summer of 2013. Class comes from not only keeping the tee clean and free from flannel infringements, but also from opting for one of the airy, breezy fabrics that are taking front and center on the standard fare.

Even the most casual of tees will feature silk, lightweight linen and other luxurious and delicate fabrics. The cut will mimic the airy and breezy feel with a focus on flowing lines and slightly billowing silhouettes that drape themselves over the bodice.

Slash-Neck Cuts

Forget the standard crew neck or v-neck, too. Slash-neck cuts will be the rage, although they shall come with a caveat. Unlike the randomly slashed cuts that graced aerobic sweatshirts and “Dirty Dancing” stars, the necklines on the new tees will have precise slash-necks with hemmed edges. These necklines can even have a lower cut with a gauzy lining, a nod back to formal gowns that feature a nude or black body-stocking-type under-layer.

Perky Patterns and Colors

Even if you think Justin Bieber’s face counts as a perky pattern on a tee, you should trade up for a classier shirt. Perky patterns and colors on the most stylish T-shirts will include bold contrasts, such as a deep aqua and magenta splash of flowers, and the obsequious color blocking. Instead of blocking on a single garment, however, expect to find blocks of color thanks to layered looks that pair spring’s hottest hues with a contrasting shade.

Tees that feature rock bands and teen idols are going out while the new look showcases tees you could actually wear on a dinner date. Pair the new tee with jeans for a casual vibe or dress it up completely with a mini or embellished leggings. Either way, the new tees promise both style and comfort without a hint of grunge. You can use your new favorite T-shirt at your after prom party. YOUR BOYFRIEND WILL BE VERY HAPPY.

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