Paris Fashion Week: Eight Great Looks Straight From the Runway

Too often high fashion looks extreme as it comes down the runway. There are a number of ways, however to take the best elements of Parisian Fashion Week and incorporate them into your wardrobe for high fashion appeal. You can use these tips for your prom 2013 attire

Knee High Boots

Knee high boots look fantastic with skirts, leggings and skinny jeans. Look for boots with a smooth or slouching top, and interesting features like buckles and straps.

Oversized Coats

Oversized coats were first popular in the 1950s, and speak of luxury and excess. This trend has returned this season, and promises to bring with it a certain sense of nostalgia and grace.


One of the major trends on the runway this year was using menswear in ladies apparel. Look for pearl snap shirts, gentlemen’s trousers, button down vests and argyle sweaters to sport this look.

Cable Knit Sweaters

Sweaters with interesting cable patterns will be big this fall. Look for sweaters with intricate knit patterning, cowl or turtleneck necklines and other interesting features.

Color Blocking with Bold Colors

Color blocking is pairing multiple bright, bold colors, in chunks of color. Match a bright colored shirt, a pencil skirt in a contrasting color, and a solid wallet to complete the look. Consider wearing animal print heals with the color blocking to really make a statement.

Tassels or balls along the neckline and hem

A number of fashions were seen in the fall line that had tassels, or ribbons with red balls, along the hem, or trimming the neckline. There are off-the rack designs sporting tassels and balls, or you can add trim to a favorite V-neck sweater or straight line skirt.

Metallic solids

A number of metallic suits made their way down the cat walk during Paris fashion week. While a metallic suit may have too much shine for the office or the classroom, pairing a metallic pair of slacks or a metallic blazer with more basic pieces is a great way to incorporate this look into your own wardrobe.

Sheer Layers

Models sported sheer apparel on the Parisian runway that would make your mother blush, but there are a number of more modest ways to don sheer garb. Consider pairing a sheer blouse with a vest, a sheer skirt with leggings, or sheer pants with a mini-skirt.

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