Top Fashion Mistakes to Avoid at your Formal Affair

The top fashion mistakes at formal affairs don’t necessarily involve your gown; they involve your accessories. Ill-chosen accessories have the power to ruin your entire look, but you don’t have to fall prey.

Bulky bag. You may be tempted to bring your entire makeup kit, an extra pair of pantyhose and anything else you could conceivably need to meet any possible emergency the evening could bring. Don’t.

Such a practice will only end up in a major fashion faux pas, which is a big, bulky bag dragging down an elegant gown. Any bag with a strap will ruin the entire top of your dress and you cannot very well carry a bag as big as a bowling ball while still appearing elegant.

Crummy coat. Even if you only plan to wear your coat to dash from the car, those few moments can equal fashion suicide. Formal affairs deserve better than a puffy winter jacket thrown haphazardly over a glorious gown. Invest in a dressier coat that can work for your gown and other dressy affairs going forward. At the very least, go for a warm yet fashionable shawl.

Shoes. Shoe styles are not the most common footwear mistake for formal affairs; shoe comfort is. Test your shoes before the big event so you know you can dance or even walk in them. Go for fit, comfort and style, and there are plenty of shoes that provide all three features.

These accessory tips can help keep you fashionable, well-matched and free of blisters for many evenings to come!

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