Tips on High Heels and Evening Gowns

High heels can top off the perfect look for your elegant gown, as long as you know how to walk in them. Practicing your gait is a major must before your big date, especially if you are wearing a different style of heels than you are used to; or if you are not used to wearing high heels at all. A few other tips can you help pick the best set of heels to go with your gown.

Style and color. The style and color of your shoe should match, or at least compliment, the style and fabric of your gown. It should also mesh with the weather. Avoid strappy sandals for a winter event; kick out heavy lace-up booties for an airy summer function. Choose heels from the same color family as your dress.

Fabric. Leather can work if your dress is thick and heavy, but otherwise you may look too much like an office worker than a glittering belle of the ball. Instead check out those silky satins, plush velvet and dressy crepe shoes that can glam up your evening wear with ease.

Personality. The personality of the heels can come from the small or not-so-small details featured on the shoe. These include beadwork, sequins, rhinestones, pearls and wild patterns that can ensure your outfit dazzles from your head all the way to your toes.

High heels can add height, pizzazz and style to even the most polished evening gowns. Besides, a gal can never have too many pairs of shoes.

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