Cocktail dresses for prom

Prom is considered a semi-formal affair and most men wear a suit and tie or a tuxedo. The girls have a wide selection of attire from which to choose, and cocktail dresses are a great choice for many reasons. Short dresses for cocktail can be very elegant or sassy and longer cocktail dresses can be glamorous. Most body types can easily find a flattering style cocktail dress.
Many cocktail dresses are short, landing above the knee or even higher, so they are great for showing off long legs. Of course, a mini dress is paired very nicely with high heels, so this style also works for a petite girl. Petite girls should choose tea length or shorter if they seek an elongated appearance. Bustier girls may elect a strapless gown while a cocktail dress with spaghetti straps may appeal to a girl with a smaller chest. Different cuts can accentuate different body parts and body shapes, which is another reason why cocktail dresses are popular prom dress choices.
Sleeveless cocktail dresses can be paired with a matching wrap for more versatility and to ward off any chill without detracting from the look. You can also jazz up a simple cocktail dress with jewelry, such as arm bands, bracelets, and necklaces, depending on the cut of the dress. Drop earrings are very complimentary with a cocktail dress, especially for hair that is swept up for the evening. As mentioned earlier, high heels can balance a short dress and complete the look, especially if it is adorned with an ankle strap. Shoes can be glitzy, but the longer the dress length, the simpler your shoe should be.
Selecting the perfect cocktail dress for prom can be lots of fun. There are so many options for cocktail dresses today, from the simple little black dress to the short and frilly mini-dress, to the ballerina ankle length dress, that you are bound to find the perfect choice for your prom night or special event.

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