Dressing Up Your Prom Dress

So you bought a prom dress—a very simple prom dress. But you’re worried because everyone else is going to have prom dresses that are really flash and fancy and you won’t. Naturally, this is a bit unnerving. The question is—do you really have to worry about how flashy that your prom dress is?

The answer is no. As a matter of fact, simple prom dresses and short prom dresses are perfectly fine as long as you have the right accessories. You could have the cheapest prom dress that you can find and it would be perfectly fine as long as you know what kind of accessories would jazz up that prom dress.

First of all, try to find accessories that really pop and also accessories that you really like. Don’t choose accessories just because everyone else has them. If possible, bring the dress with you so that you are able to compare and figure out which necklace, earrings, etc, look best with the dress. Make sure to not only look at the formal dresses and their accessories, but also sashes and even large scarves. You may be able to find a scarf that can spice up your dress by being tied around your waist or you can buy a pretty sash instead. You can also incorporate other fabrics into your dress if you know how to sew!

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