Hair Accessories and Your Prom Dress

So you want to buy a few hair accessories—but you want them to match your prom dresses. The question that you might be wondering is—how on earth do I get my prom dresses, formal dresses or cocktail dresses to match your hair accessories, or—rather—the other way around? You don’t want to look tacky and you want to look neat for prom—but how do you do so, keeping your hair in mind?

First of all, check out the hairstyle that you plan on wearing. What do you find most comfortable? Will you be getting your hair done by someone else or will you be doing your own hair? These are a few other important details when it comes to your hair and getting it done for prom and matching it with your dress.

Next, look over your dress. Is your dress really simple? Not so simple? Try and make sure that your dress and your hair accessories somewhat correlate. Keep in mind that if you have a simpler dress, you may want to have fancier hair accessories. Choose simpler hair accessories for fancier or short dresses and so on. Take the time to really look over your hair accessories and choose them in colors that you really like and that match your dress. It’s up to you how closely it matches.

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