How to Avoid Ugly Prom Dresses

So you’re going to shop for prom dresses and you see a number of dresses that you like. Maybe you aren’t all that experienced with prom dresses or perhaps you just don’t know much about fashion or are frequently told that your fashion sense isn’t the greatest. So how do you avoid ugly prom dresses?

First of all, bring a friend with you. If your friends have either a. been eaten by dragons or b. are not available, then you may want to instead consider trying another day or just going ahead to pick out a dress by yourself. It is dependent on how urgently that you need the dress.

Do not pick that are animal patterned. It doesn’t matter how popular that animal patterns are right now—they don’t mix with formal dresses. Do not choose any dresses that have enough volume to stuff a pillow. This generally automatically constitutes them being considered an ugly dress. The same goes for dresses that have feathers—feathers don’t mix well with prom either. Try and make sure that any prom dress that you have doesn’t button up in the front if it doesn’t have sleeves. While this may not exactly constitute the dress being considered an ugly prom dress—most sleeveless dresses like
that don’t really look right. These are just a few dresses that you should avoid.

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