How Long Should Your Prom Dress Be?

So, you’ve decide to go shopping for prom dresses, formal dresses, or cocktail dresses—and you’re excited. You know exactly what you’re looking for, but you also kind of considering buying short dresses instead, since they’re in right now.

However, the line between appropriate and inappropriate is oftentimes forgotten when it comes to prom dresses. The question is—how do you know what is considered appropriate and what should you do. You need to understand that you shouldn’t try and get away with ridiculously short dresses. You also need to know that in most cases, you can simply look in your school’s code of conduct to understand what type of skirts are inappropriate and what kinds of skirts are not.

First of all, all skirts must pass the fingertips. If you have short arms, then they may ask you to do the flamingo test. It generally depends on what type of skirt that you are wearing and how it looks. Most of the time, your best bet is to keep your skirt at least three quarters of the way down your leg. If you find that it rides up for any reason, you should consider increasing that length. If you have any doubts about a dress, call up your class sponsor. They are more than willing to help you pick out an appropriate dress.

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