Mad Men Make it to Banana

Do you love the retro look? Wish you were born in 50’s or 60’s?
Well, hit AMC TV series Mad Men, and costume designer Janie Bryant, have collaborated with Banana Republic (of Gap Inc.) to create a limited-edition collection to be sold at Banana Republic, online and in-stores. The line consists of 1960’s inspired looks, as the TV series is placed in NYC back in the 60’s. The show has received critical acclaim winning multiples of awards, including three consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series. So girls, maybe it’s time to give up a night of NYC with the Gossip Girls for a 1960’s tour of the city with the Mad Men.
This collaboration is allowing people to see how they can dress with this retro style and not look like they are wearing old clothes. Ever look at old pictures of your grandmother and just wish you could find a cocktail dress like the one she is wearing with her beehive hair-do? Well, this is the line you must check out! Items include high-waisted skirts, cowl-neck tops, silk scarfs, fedora hats, pin-striped suits, and a bunch of little accessories to spruce up existing outfits. To see them all check out Banana Republic’s web site where the collection has already made a mark, and soon will be in stores as well.

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