Charitable Fashion With Thakoon

It seems like Fall is the perfect season to introduce new products, especially those that benefit charities. Fashion designer, Thakoon Panichgul, is now selling a limited edition scarf that helps fight famine in Africa. You may remember Thakoon as the man with the chunky checks from his past runway shows. Well the chunky checks are back and in scarf form. This checked scarf is the first of Thakoon’s designs to be not only for women, but for men as well. So girls, I guess that means you’ll have to get ready for a little more fashion competition from men! But no worries, girls will always look cuter in a dress. So keep the summer sundress alive for Fall just by pairing your dress with the scarf and a cute blazer.
Whatever the new fashion challenge may be, these scarves are the bees knees for the chilly weather. Not only will you look dashingly cute in them, but you will be helping out a very good cause. All the proceeds from the scarves will be donated to help the fight against hunger in Africa. The charity is called, the International child’s relief organization (specifically the one located in the Horn of Africa), localizing African countries like Ethiopia and Somalia. And just to reiterate, Thakoon is literally giving everything made off of the scarves to the charity. I think that is amazing! So many celebs help out causes and the designers sell items for the causes, but I’m always confused by the fact that they only give a portion. These celebs and designers are some of the wealthiest people out there, but still need to make some sort of profit?
I give props to Thakoon! Teach everyone how nice it is to be generous, especially when you have the means to do so.
Also, if you can think of anyone similar to Thakoon and his generosity, post it!

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