The Next Kardashian Ties The Knot

Clarisse 1501 White Gown

Clarisse 1501 White Gown

Have you heard?!
Of course you have! Kim Kardashian has married her not-so-long-time boyfriend Kris Humphries. The couple can, happily to Kris Jenner, continue the ‘K’ legacy. The wedding was said to go very well, with only a here and there to worry about. For starters, coming down the aisle, Kourtney Kardashian almost came down herself and the cops got called. No, the police were not invited, and neither was the neighbor that was disturbed by the “loud” music, but in true fairy tale fashion, the event ended at midnight, due to the disturbance call.
Oddly enough, Kim did not want to be the only member of the wedding party, or the wedding itself, to be dressed in white. All of the wedding party wore ivory, including the groom, Kris Humphries and the Kardashian-Jenner girls. The other oddity was the dress code. Kim and Kris (more likely Jenner than Humphries) requested all guests be wearing black and/or white, no exceptions. These rules lead to many ladies wearing white dresses to the wedding, normally a major no-no. One of these ladies is fellow gossip-worthy celeb, Lindsay Lohan. However, more noteworthy information, Kim’s dress was made special by Vera Wang.
If you would like to see photos from the wedding, no worries there, pictures are already swarming the internet. E! Online is 100% Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries covering everything from the eyebrow session to the ceremony.

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