Taylor Swift is Crazy for Cocktail Dresses!

Taylor Swift plays up her girly style on a daily basis.  The world loves seeing her have fun with fashion but she strictly wears short dresses.  Whether she is on the red carpet or walking the streets of London, Swift is always styling in short dresses.

There are so many different looks that she rocks with cocktail dresses.  On stage she will entertain thousands in fun flirty all beaded mini’s and the next moment we will see her at a flea market donning a cute comfortable sundress.  As much as the paparazzi has tried, you will rarely catch Taylor Swift in jeans or sweat pants.  She loves to dazzle in feminine pretty dresses.  She is definitely a girl that loves glamour!

Swifts silhouette is a stylist dream.  She would probably look adorable in anything she put on but she continues to keep it simple is short dresses.  It is effortless for Swift to look pretty.  She has stated many times in the news how much she loves to dress up and her stylist Joseph Cassell keeps her look fresh and fabulous!

It is easy to fall in love with Taylor Swift and her spectacular short dresses.  Designers will continue to dress her up in the latest cocktail dresses with her whimsical style.  Her love for short dresses has been a staple for years and we look forward to seeing all the fierce styles in the future!

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  1. Kara Loehrer says:

    Can you do more Taylor Swift looks? I love these!

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