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Tips for Avoiding the Cleavage Fashion Police

Wearing an elegant gown with a hint of cleavage can make your look all the more alluring, but going overboard with the cleavage can ruin your entire look. Fit. The No. 1 way to get the fashion police after you … Read more

Sarah Burton keeping Alexander McQueen’s Legacy Alive!

Alexander McQueen was one of the most eccentric, raw, provocative fashion designers that always thought outside of the box. After his death in 2010, his legacy of pushing the envelope has been passed on to fashion designer Sarah Burton. Sarah … Read more

Long Sleeve Minis are the Latest Craze!

Long sleeve minis have returned!  Some other fashion trends have come and gone but long sleeve minis are finally making their come back.  This look was made popular in the 70’s and 80’s but has come full circle in a … Read more

Make Your Prom Sparkle in 2010 with Shimmery Sequins!

Sequin gowns are a surefire way to stand out on prom night! Prom 2010 gowns are featuring a variety of sequin looks. From all-over long sequined gowns, to short flirty cocktail dresses there are many sequin looks to choose from. … Read more