The Perfect Holiday Dress

As the weather starts getting colder and the Holidays approach, piles of Holiday Party invitations will start rolling in.  This is the time of the year to wear something fun and sparkling.  A time to step outside of the box, throw on a pair of stilettos and finally get to wear that cute little party dress!  Whether you are attending a party or having one of your own, the key to dress success is organization.  Organize your schedule, your menu, and most importantly…your wardrobe!

Finding the perfect dress for you is important.  Everyone tends to wear black, especially during the winter months but stand out and wear a more vibrant color.  Yes black might be slimming but if the silhouette of the dress fits your body right, it can be just as flattering.  The bonus of wearing a color instead of black is that, not only will you look fabulous but you will stand out in the crowd.  If you are self conscience, wear the little black dress but pair it with a winter white feather bolero or a rocking red blazer!

Don’t miss out on the details!  When accessorizing this season, be ready to win them over with your attention to detail.  As a girl, there are a lot of things to pay attention to.  Your holiday hair is very important, so make you appointment in advance to insure your hair is looking lovely.  Also, this is the time of the year to spurge, so make a date with the girls to get a mani and pedi.  Last, pull out your most extravagant jewelry, handbag and shoes and jingle all night under the mistletoe.  After all the preparation, be sure to have fun this Holiday season and show your Holiday spirit in your perfect party dress!

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