Silver and Gold!!

Just like the Christmas carols we all love, silver and gold is all around us this time of the year!  I think it is fabulous when people completely over do it, especially around the holidays.  One way to stand out this holiday season is to put on some silver and gold.  And even though these two colors look nice on a Christmas tree together, I don’t suggest wearing them together.

Silver is showing up everywhere.  With the growing popularity of silver tones, be sure to know which shade works best on you.  Silver tends to look better on darker skin or someone with darker hair.  As a pale blonde, silver completely washes me out but I love it.  So a good way to incorporate silver into your wardrobe is to use it as an accent color.  Pairing a silver skirt with a black turtle neck can still give you that festive look because having the dark color near your face allows you to pull off wearing some silver without washing you out.  Using silver accessories is always another great option for people that don’t look their best in silver.  A pair of silver shoes, necklace, earring, bracelet or handbag can look spectacular with an emerald green or red cocktail dress this holiday season.

Let’s get glamorous with gold!  Gold is a little more versatile with different skin, hair and eye colors.  More people look better in gold but it is not quite as popular as silver.  Gold is a little bolder, so if gold is not worn correctly, it can look extremely tacky.  As always, be sure to get the right shade of gold for you!  When wearing gold, don’t go crazy with your accessories.  Gold is a statement in itself.  If you want to stand out, there are some reasonably priced gold sequin cocktail dresses that can look fabulous for your next holiday party.  Do a simple shoe and possibly no accessories when wearing an all sequin gold mini.  Gold is extremely glamorous but don’t be afraid, just put it on and wear it!

Whatever color you choose to wear, remember the devil is in the details.  Try on the whole ensemble before heading out for the night and make sure you have the right amount of silver and gold.  Sparkle like all those holiday lights under the mistletoe this holiday season in silver and gold!

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