Beware Knock Off Sites When Buying a Prom Dress Online!

Hello girls, is proud to announce we have just received the seal of approval from the fine folks over at Top Prom Websites. As some of you have already been unfortunate enough to find out there are A LOT of websites out there selling what they claim are specially made designer gowns but in reality are nothing more than cheaply made knock offs!

Well respected retailers and designers across the country have begun to fight back, and is happy to join in the fight. Top Prom Websites has been established as an advocacy group to help raise awareness about this illegal and dishonest practice that has already left too many girls with horrid rags when they thought they were buying a designer gown. If you’re interested in learning more check out their website at and learn how to spot these crooks before you push the BUY button!

Also remember to let all your friends who are still searching for dresses know about the danger of buying these knock offs. It can do more than just ruin a prom, we are now learning that there is concern that some of these knock off sites are using factories that violate environmental safety laws and even use child labor!

Please make sure that you do your homework before buying a dress this season because together we can put an end to these terrible practices. And as always you will be able to find a wonderful selection of authentic designer dresses and gowns at!

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One Response to Beware Knock Off Sites When Buying a Prom Dress Online!

  1. LaraP says:

    SO true. I went with a ‘discount’ on a mermaid prom dress I wanted, and wound up with a disaster. Cried and cried. My biggest day EVER and I wound up having a $200 gown that was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. I’ll buy from you from now on. I love mermaid prom dresses, btw. Found several photos here and I want the first one — do you carry it? Already planning for my sr. prom next year!

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