Hollywood Trends in Evening Gowns

One of the biggest and most glamorous trends hitting the red carpet is gowns inspired by the 1940’s era Hollywood glamour dresses, the Trending Fashion website reports.

In addition to being gorgeous, the overall effect of such glamor gowns is the old-school Hollywood goddess that certainly never goes out of style. Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie are just a few who have been spotted rocking the look.

Silhouette. Two types of silhouettes fit the Hollywood goddess bill. You can go with the long, clingy sheath dress or you can opt for the softly swirling skirt. The most important part of the outfit is typically its very structured undergarments, providing plenty of support and clean lines that made the hourglass shape of the body the gown’s main feature. Broad shoulders, teeny waists and ample hips round out the look.

Hemlines. The hemlines on the goddess garb is much longer than some of the more modern cuts, with hems that swish and sway as they kiss the floor in a gentle flow with each step. The shortest you want to go with for this style is right below the knee. The longest falls short of a train; although there is nothing wrong with a bit of fabric cascading right onto the carpet.

Materials and embellishments. Satin, velvet and other exquisite fabrics add to the charm of these timeless formal gowns. Another key to the look is vintage embellishments, such as ornate, dark lace over a neutral background, scalloped edges and rich textures in key areas throughout the gown.

Hollywood is hot with inspiration from the past when it comes to the latest evening gowns, and you can be, too, if you pick up on these tips!

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