Tips for Wearing a Ball Gown

Strapless Blue Ball Gown

Clarisse Blue Ball Gown

Your first tip for wearing a ball gown is paying attention to the fit and the elaborateness of the gown, and ball gowns can be quite elaborate!

The gown’s bodice should hug your upper body without being too tight. You’ll know it’s too tight if you cannot zip it, it presses your skin or chest above the edges, or it digs into your rib cage. The waist area should lie flat and comfortably against your middle.

Because a ball gown flares into a very full skirt, it may overwhelm petite frames. Smaller frames may be especially overwhelmed by a gown that has an excessively layered skirt or embellishments that appear to swallow you whole.

Some body types are especially enhanced by the shape of ball gowns. This dress type generally works very well for wowing the crowd if you are tall and stately. Those with heavier thighs and lower bodies can also dazzle since the full skirt provides plenty of camouflage for the bottom half.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that you select a ball gown that you are able to walk and move around in comfortably. The full skirt can be your best friend for camouflage, but it can be your worst nightmare for walking and sitting if you forget how full the skirt is. Walking works if you remember how long and wide your skirt is and step gently and accordingly. Flatten the skirt behind your butt before you sit, then let the skirt’s material cascade along the sides of the chair.

Ball gowns have long been a traditional hit for formal affairs, and these tips can help you rock the gown and successfully carry on the tradition!

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