Tips on Avoiding the Jewelry Fashion Police

jewelry set

Jewelry set

The fashion police can be after you in a jiffy if you pile on too much or the wrong type of jewelry. They will also be at your door if you go for anything plastic or violate one of these general jewelry laws.

Competition. The first rule of jewelry is to make sure it does not compete with your dress or with other jewelry pieces. One piece of statement-making jewelry is enough; don’t go nuts with a big, bold necklace and big, bold matching earrings.


Color and materials.   Silver and gold are at the forefront of the jewelry material list, but you can also opt for white gold, pewter, gemstones, a velvet choker or even high-end beads. Your dress dictates what hue and materials work best. Slim, slinky gowns go well with thin, delicate jewelry while thicker materials may work with heftier gems. Never wear plastic, no matter how fun and colorful your dress may be.

 Pieces.  A strapless sweetheart neckline may speak for itself and work best with dangling earrings rather than a necklace. The same goes for an elaborate or embellished bodice. A simple bodice, on the other hand, may scream for a necklace accent, in which case your earrings should be small and subtle enough not to detract from the look.

 Style.  Your jewelry style should match your dress style, with vintage dresses going for antique silver or gold, and modern gowns opting for a sleek or even shiny look.

Your jewelry can dazzle as grand as your gown as long as you keep these simple tips in mind.

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