Summer Makeup Tips – Vol. 1

Good Morning! And what a beautiful morning it is – summer is here, cancer’s are astrologically in power mode, and it may be time to change up your makeup regime – well that one may not sound as positive as the preceding two, but it is the truth. Inconvenient or not, as the weather changes and the temperature rises, your skin needs to be treated differently. Products are always being advertised as new and good-for-you, but how do you know which ones really are the best? An easy answer is, only you know yourself best, and you should know what your skin and body require, but there are some thing s that well, pretty much every girl should own – or at least have the knowledge that such products and items exist.

Today’s topic will focus on concealer:

With such a lovely change in times, most likely your daily schedule has changed too; no more school, no more homework, no more stress. As your schedule begins to lighten up, we are given more time to go out at night and inevitably, stay out later. Of course, this leads to the possibility of more dark circles and possibilities for imperfections – such as the dreaded, heat and sweat caused acne. The best way to fix these minor issues is with concealer. Now, there are many different kinds, types, and levels of concealer and finding the best one is usually a trial and error or a past down secret from mother to daughter or friend to friend. But, to make your life easier (as if summer hasn’t done that on its own) I’ve narrowed it down. A great makeup company and one you could always fall back on when in doubt is MAC. Their line is a classic staple for any fashionista but beware, with all the products MAC offers, it is easy to go overboard. Their Studio Finish Concealer is a “lightweight creamy formula,” which like all of MAC’s products are long lasting – something necessary in the long summer days that all too often become nights. A huge plus about this product is that it also contains a SPF of 35. This amongst all things is very important for women of all ages, especially when the sun is shining as it does in these beautiful months.

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