Mila Kunis: In the Movies and Magazines

Well, Glamour magazine has released a sneak peek at their August issue featuring none other than the striking Ted star, Mila Kunis. Ted is coincidentally opening in theaters, nationwide, today – oh, how cute is the advertising industry in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the cover shot of beautiful Mila doesn’t reminisce thoughts of her new movie with Hollywood hunk, Mark Wahlberg. It does however remind us of her days with former TV cast on That 70’s Show.  And I must say this before I continue; Mila Kunis is one if my personal favorites on the big screen, and the little for that matter, but what are you wearing on the cover of Glamour?

In the August issue of Glamour magazine, Mila Kunis is… donning a Canadian Tuxedo (shrieks of fashion horror). OK, so I know Katie Holmes was wearing one herself the other day with her (more fashionable) daughter Suri. Thankfully Suri had the sense to wear a sweet little outfit with a matching pink T and cardi, and no denim! On the opposing end, like Katie’s “street style,” Mila is wearing (reported by, “a Club Monaco shirt and Current/Elliott jeans”… all denim! Why?! To top it off Mila’s head is crowned with a wide-rimmed floppy hat, which ok, is cute for summer. However, if you are wearing this hat to top off your Canadian tux look, it comes off a little lot a bit 70’s! I mean really? Who was the stylist for the photo shoot? We all know she got her start on the TV show, That 70’s Show, but why jog our memory of that when we should be harking on newer, more current roles?

Anyway, back to Mila’s movie…her film with Mark Wahlberg is released in theaters today. It is called Ted, and it looks hilarious. Mark plays a man who grew up with a teddy bear that was wished to life, and some 20 odd years later, are still best friends. Mila plays the girlfriend, who like in all movies, wants something more. Now, don’t get the cute, soft teddy bear part twisted. Ted, the teddy bear, is no soft, cuddly Snuggles (ya know, the fabric softener bear). This stuffed bear has a foul mouth and some bad (R-rated) habits. The voice of Ted is played by writer and director, Seth MacFarlane, who is better known as the creator of beloved cartoon family, the Griffins, of Family Guy. I’m thinking Ted will probably be something like Brian Griffin (the talking family dog) except a bit more crude. So, I would skip inviting mom or grandma to this movie, unless they are huge Family Guy fans. Hey, good date movie for the boyfriend who has had enough of the chick flicks on your movie nights, and really doesn’t want to see Channing Tatum sans shirt this Friday night either. Happy Weekend!

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