Big Hair is Back!

They always say what goes around comes around, and this is so true for big hair!  We live in a generation where anything goes, but people are running out of new creative ways to style their hair.  When all options have been tried, it’s time to go back in time.

The 80’s era is making its reappearance in all areas of fashion and hair styles are right on that trend.  Rocker style Mohawks are being seen on runways across the globe and on women more often than men! Celebrities are caught wearing big curls and funky pony tails, and it’s not just outrageous styles we’ve been seeing… people are also playing with color!  Katie Perry has been spotted with blown out electric blue hair, Rihanna was caught in red and Beyonce has looked glamorous with gold locks.  Hair is getting bigger and bolder!

If you haven’t experimented with big hair, now is your chance.  If you have natural curls, the “big hair” movement is easy for you.  An easy way to achieve a beachy look is to towel dry your hair a little after you get out of the shower (or ocean) to soak up some water excess water, but don’t comb it!   Next, take a quarter-sized amount of hair gel or mouse and evenly distribute it throughout your whole head.  Lastly, spray a flexible hairspray evenly and “scrunch” your hair in your hands as you blow dry it. You may also want to try a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer to achieve a retro-curly look– it does the “scrunching” for you! The little bit of mouse and hairspray will hold your curls together just enough so it doesn’t frizz and when you are done you will have beautiful big hair.  Also, curly hair takes to hot rollers well, so have fun trying those, too.

If you have fine or straight hair, this poses a little more of a challenge.  Try braiding your hair while it’s damp and sleeping on it. You can also twist it up into a top knot while damp and secure with a scrunchie.  Wake up the next day, take out the braids or twist, flip your head over and apply some flexible hold hair spray. Careful not to overload on product, the excess gunk will weigh your hair down leaving it straight and dirty looking.

Whatever texture your hair is, one key to big hair is the right hairspray.  Find a product that works for you.  If you aren’t sure where to start, ask your hair dresser or check out a beauty magazine like Glamour or Allure.  Have fun trying new do’s with your hair and next time you go out, go BIG because big hair is back!

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