Work Wear Gets “Girly” for Spring 2013

Long gone is the women’s corporate power suit when it comes to workplace trends on the agenda for spring 2013. One of the hottest looks will instead showcase femininity, rather than trying to hide it under bulky shoulder pads. Enter the belted floral dress.

Dress for Success in Belted Floral Frock

While the flowery frock has always been a staple for a casual brunch or weekend wear, the belted floral dress will be blooming as office wear, according to forecasting agency Mpdclick and noted on The silhouette of the go-everywhere dresses will feature a cinched shape but enough give to create a soft and feminine look. The most sought-after hemlines will hit right above the knee in a longer style than has been on trend for years past.

Because the belt is such an integral part of the overall look, matching or contrasting fabrics may be used to create a finished product that incorporates itself into the dress and, of course, may even be sold with the frock.

Shun the Button-Down for the Collarless Blouse

Another girly look coming to the office is the collarless blouse. It is a neckline that will also grace the belted floral dress. Fussy collars and button-downs are out, as is the option of donning a necktie. The collarless blouse can feature a higher neckline or one that dips but a soft, rounded shape is on spot in far anticipation of spring weather. Embellishments are allowed, such as soft frills for thrills; although you’ll want to keep away from anything that needs starch to keep it in place.

The blouse can work beneath a corporate suit jacket if necessary, with the ease of shedding the jacket after-hours for an immediately more casual look. The same goes for the floral dress, which can transform from corporate chic to casual fare with the quick swap of flats for a pair of no-nonsense heels.

Both super-feminine looks take their cue from styles in the Mediterranean, which produce a sensual and breezy mood. The Mediterranean movement will not be limited to fashion, either, as art and culture also follow suit for a fresh breath of style from the balmy destination

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