5 Tips for Picking the Hottest Cuffs for 2013

Cuff bracelets have been on the fashion scene for months, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. They are, however, getting a major makeover that shall transform the current ho-hum cuff into a luxe adornment. The trend is expected to erupt for spring and summer 2013, but there’s no harm taking a sneak peek at what’s to come in the arm candy category.


One of the most obvious changes to the standard cuff is its location. No longer delegated to only the wrist, captivating cuffs are expected to show up on all areas of the arm and even the leg. Forget the thin and delicate anklet when you can wear a bold and brazen cuff wrapped atop your ankle latte, above a pair of killer shoes.


Neon colors struggled to make a cuff revival of late, but the struggle was lost in favor of powerful, classy colors to provide deep impact and contrast. That means no bright orange or hot pink, but plenty of punchy teals, gold, silver and other metallics.


Plastic, too, was struggling to once again dominate the cuff a la the 1980s, but it also went to the wayside in favor of magnificent metals. Pure gold and silver are always an option, but they are not the only option. Nickel is showing up as a hot new choice.


If it looks smashing, dashing or otherwise eye-catching, by all means you can go for it! Studs, jewels, chains, links, laser cut-outs and fanciful embellishments are in, as long as they follow the trendy guidelines concerning the hottest cuffs’ materials and color. Butterfly or angel wings, raised gemstones and various geometric or animalistic shapes may all make the cut for the latest in cuffs.


Due to the bold and brazen nature of the new cuffs, it needs proper breathing room to make a statement on its own. That means wearing one with competing sleeves or hemlines is a no-no, as is piling on those that overlap and appear messy.

Wearing more than one cuff is certainly chic as long as the cuffs play off each other to create visual impact and interest. Wearing cuffs over long sleeves can work with a shirt that offsets the jewelry’s cut and color, but it is highly unlikely that wearing a cuff over a pant leg will be en vogue anytime soon.

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