The 2013 Emmy Awards

The 2013 Emmy Awards

 On Sunday, September 22nd 2013 actors, actresses, and celebrities once again graced the world with their fashionable presences at the 2013 Emmy awards. This year the Emmy awards did not disappoint the fashion world, as everyone who attended looked unique and fabulous in their own style, and no two beauties were caught in a “who wore it better” fiasco. The colors that seemed to be worn the most on the red carpet this past weekend included; black, white, plum/dark purple, and a pale dusty pink.  We saw a lot of high necklines on classically cut dresses and straight necklines on strapless dresses, which gave elegance and modesty to the wearers. Many colors silhouettes and fabrications coincided quite nicely with what has been going down the runways these past couple of week



More looks from the Red Carpet


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Style# SP71140                                           Style# A35515                                                   Style# C2120                                                                   Style# C17120

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