How Do I Match My Date’s Tuxedo to My Prom Dress?

How Do I Match My Date’s Tuxedo to My Prom Dress?

Girls aren’t the only ones that have to worry about prom attire. That’s right, gals, your guy is expected to go formal for the prom too. And no, that doesn’t mean a powder blue suit with sneakers, or a tuxedo t-shirt. While modern prom etiquette may not require a coordinating prom dress and tuxedo, you will want your date’s tux to compliment your gorgeous gown. And matching a prom dress and tuxedo is not a difficult task. Just by taking a few hints into consideration, and following a couple of key fashion rules, you and your date can go from cute couple to dazzling dance floor duo!

Discussing Outfit Options with Your Prom Date

Alright gals, before helping your guy begin his search for a prom tuxedo you must first consider your prom dress. Take not only the color into consideration, but also the fabric. Is it beaded, jeweled? What about the styling and design? For example, if your gown is trendy and stylish, make sure that you choose the most modern tuxedo style for your date. Every minute detail matters when coordinating a prom dress and tuxedo. Many formal dress and tuxedo shops specialize in coordinating prom dresses to tuxes. If you think you and your man may have a problem finding the perfect match, you may want to consider contacting one of these specialty shops.

Although the suit and tuxedo have gone through a major fashion overhaul throughout the years, the classic look is still evident; a black or dark jacket and pants, and white shirt. Then there is the tie and cummerbund. When matching a dress and tuxedo, the tie and cummerbund are two elements that must be taken into consideration. Don’t know men’s wear fashion terms? The cummerbund is the article of clothing that fits over the waist of the pants. Cummerbunds usually come in only one style; but they are available in a variety of colors.

Ties come in a many styles, with the two most basic styles being the straight and bow-tie. The bow-tie is considered to be the more traditional of the two styles, with the straight tie having a more contemporary vibe. If you are wearing a classic dress, choose the bow-tie as the neck wear of choice for your date. Are you sporting a fashion-forward number? Then a straight tie will be the best selection. And don’t forget the color! If you plan to wear a red dress, a red tie and cummerbund is the perfect choice for your guy. And what if you are wearing a bold print? Well, that will depend on you and your date. Try picking out a prevalent color in the print, and then match your date’s apparel to that. If all else fails, or you and your date can not come to a compromise, a black cummerbund and tie are always a classic, yet sophisticated look.

Going Formal Doesn’t Mean Going Boring

A little of your own personal style should always be evident in any outfit you wear. And this goes for your guy, as well. Just as all prom dresses need a few accessories, tuxedos need a little bit of bling, as well. A majority of tuxedo shirts have French cuffs, which ultimately means that your date will need to invest in cuff links. Currently, cuff links are available in a variety of styles and materials, perfect for every prom king. Looking to add a bit of pizzazz to your prom date’s look? Then consider a cane or top hat. These popular accessories not only add oomph to your guy’s outfit, but also give his outfit the bit of personality every prom ensemble yearns for. By following these easy guideline you’ll be able to match your prom dress with your date’s tuxedo with ease.

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