Rihanna’s Racy Looks…When does fashion go too far??

Today’s celebrities are always trying to “push the envelope”, but have some celebrities gone too far?  Recently, Rihanna was chastised for her inappropriate wardrobe during a video shoot in Northern Ireland.  Rihanna was wearing an American flag bikini when the farmer who granted her permission to film her new music video on his field asked her to cover up!

As a society, we are getting use to seeing so much skin that a girl in a bikini wouldn’t bother any of us, but this farmer has a good point.  Where have good morals and classy woman went to over the years?  He stated that he has an ethos and perhaps she could acquaint herself with a great God.  I wonder if celebrities have any moral standard when it comes to the way they dress!

Rihanna is not alone when it comes to sexy fashion.  Her gal pal Katy Perry and other celebs like Paris Hilton have paved the way for young girls to think it’s ok to show some skin.  Posing for the cameras at different functions in tight short clothing and seductive posing is what we are used to seeing.  Most celebrities feel the pressure to look a certain way and these celebrities are role models for our youth.  The attire that Rihanna donned in that field and many other outrageous outfits she has worn has an impact on people around the world.

So the question is “Do you have to show skin to be sexy, fashion forward, and desired as a person or artist?”  Obviously the farmer in Northern Ireland doesn’t think so.  Rihanna is an amazing artist but should take into consideration the way she dresses in front of her vast audience.

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