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Clarisse short dress 2303

January Prom Giveaway

Want a playful short prom dress for your next event? Clarisse dress 2303 is the perfect dress for you! The sweetheart neckline and baby doll silhouette flatters every figure and each layer of tulle ends in a delicate ruffle that … Read more

Tips on How to Choose the Right Homecoming Dresses for Your Personal Style

Homecoming is probably one of the most memorable moments of any teenager’s life, and if you want to be the girl that everyone remembers, you must choose the right dress. Oftentimes, finding and choosing among a ton of homecoming dresses … Read more

Trend Report

It’s a new year, which means it’s award season, which also means that the fabulous red carpet starlets are setting the precedent for the must have styles for current and upcoming prom seasons. All eyes are on the movers and … Read more

Tips for Wearing a Bustle at Your Formal Affair

If you are wondering if that super-long, super-full gown you have your eye on will still allow you to still dance the night away, the answer may come in the form of a bustle. A bustle is a gathering of … Read more

Finding the Next Fashion Designer

  There is so much unnoticed talent from strangers that you pass every day.  People around the world have talent to write, sing, design, etc.  but are never given the opportunity to share their gifts.  Giving them the opportunity to … Read more

Steal the Show in Silver!

Silver has made its come back!  Until recently people did not wear much silver.  Designer tended to design more garments in gold but over the last few years, silver has exploded on the scene of fashion!  Silver is not the … Read more

Dressing Up Your Prom Dress

So you bought a prom dress—a very simple prom dress. But you’re worried because everyone else is going to have prom dresses that are really flash and fancy and you won’t. Naturally, this is a bit unnerving. The question is—do … Read more

Top Fashion Mistakes to Avoid at your Formal Affair

The top fashion mistakes at formal affairs don’t necessarily involve your gown; they involve your accessories. Ill-chosen accessories have the power to ruin your entire look, but you don’t have to fall prey. Bulky bag. You may be tempted to … Read more