Outrageous Nails Are In!

Nails, Nails, Nails!!  There is something fun and freeing about getting your nails done.  No matter what dress size you are, what age you are, or what your skin color is…nails are something everyone can experiment with.   There is so much access to nail art that you can really let your personality shine through with your nails.  It is an exciting way to change up your look every couple weeks without breaking the bank or altering your natural look completely.   Now-a-day’s people are really getting outrageous with their nails and I am just loving it!

There are different types of nails.  If you want to play with prints and colors without ruining your real nails, there are stick on kits or nail polish that will have heads turning.  If you don’t mind the extra money or time, a professional nail artist will put your nails over the edge and have you feeling fabulous.  Getting your nails done is also a great experience to do with your friends or family.  You can catch up on your girl time and relax while someone makes your nails look beautiful.  There are two types of “fake” nails you can get at a salon.  Acrylic, which is a little more damaging to the nail and looks less natural but, will give you that full clean set look.  There is also powder gel, which is less damaging and, in my opinion, a little more natural looking but they are usually more expensive.  Whether you decide to go natural or opt for the fake nails, there are so many options that you can have fun with!

In the past, people would stick to the standard feminine colors such as nudes, reds or pinks.  In today’s world, anything goes!  You can really let your inner wild woman shine through without changing your appearance.  You can do funky prints, glamorous rhinestones or just vibrant colors to change your nail look.  Neon’s are making a comeback in all areas of fashion and your nails are a great place to start if you haven’t really tried the neon trend yet.  No matter where fashion is heading go with a color, style or print that makes you happy!  But remember, they are just nails and you can easily change them.  So when it comes to your nails, try something new and don’t be afraid to be a little outrageous!

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