Purple Prom Dresses

Purple is the color of royalty and can help to make every girl who decides to look into purple prom dresses look like a queen. And let’s face it—purple is a nice mix between blue and red and is flattering on pretty much anyone that you can think of.

Purple is a great color for cocktail dresses, prom dresses, and all sorts of other dresses of all sorts. It’s also a great color for both short and long dresses—it’s up to you which that you prefer. Darker shades of purple will look better by themselves, while lighter shades can go with shades such as blue and green and even red without incident.

Light purple or bright purple goes best with short dresses, while dark purple is great for longer ones. Purple dresses go best with short, open toe heels and flats. Sequins also look the best on this dress color and add a little bit of pizzazz. These dresses are also great for formals and spring dances, but dark purple can pass by quite easily in a winter dance. It’s up to you how, when, and where you decide to wear your purple prom dresses. Purple can also have a slimming effect in its darker shades if that is what you are looking for.

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