Lady Gaga’s Lavish Style

At this point, I think everyone on the planet has heard to Lady Gaga.  Even those small African tribs in the middle of nowhere, know who Lady Gaga is!  So what better way to end the year other than talking about Lady Gaga’s Lavish Style!  Let’s look back at 2011.  Everything from corsets made of bubbles, to hat’s made of hair, to raw meat dresses.  Her style is constantly evolving and she is at the forefront of fashion.  She is definitely not a Lady afraid to try something new, whether we like it or not.

Somehow Lady Gaga pulls her entire look together, using her whole body as a template.  She is a huge fan of accessories.  She usually jet sets around in the most outlandish sunglasses.  Playing with different shapes, sizes and textures, her sunglasses have diamonds, chains, spikes and hair.  Every color in the book and more extreme than we could all imagine wearing.  And her hair is a whole other story.  She has stepped out with silver hair, black hair, white hair with reindeer antlers in them; blonde hair made into a big bow, pink hair, purple hair and the list goes on.  Her entire body is an accessory and she stops at no expense to complete her lavish look.

One thing I love about Lady Gaga’s Lavish Style is that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks!  She will step out for dinner in a bra, hot shorts, ripped up fish nets and sky high stilettos with a fur thrown over her shoulder.  Her openness to creativity allows designers around the world to express their art through her wardrobe.  She stand up for what she believes in; independence, fashion and beauty.  She is a true fashion icon and one thing is for sure, she always keeps us                                                                        guessing with her Lavish Style!

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