Tips for Avoiding the Cleavage Fashion Police

Wearing an elegant gown with a hint of cleavage can make your look all the more alluring, but going overboard with the cleavage can ruin your entire look.


The No. 1 way to get the fashion police after you about your cleavage is to wear a bodice that just doesn’t fit. If your chest is being pushed up, pushed out or pushed sideways in your dress you may need to go for a bigger size.

A fit that is too large is equally as unfashionable. Make sure the bodice fits and stays in place when you bend over, bend sideways and raise your arms. If you are constantly adjusting your bodice during the party, you’re going to miss all the fun!


A bit of cleavage across the top can be sexy, but a look that exposes too much of your breast is a violation for the fashion police. Bra straps that stick out or peek above the neckline are another major taboo.


Your cleavage as well as your entire neckline can get muddled up with distractions. These include large jewelry coupled with an embellished neckline, a necklace that it too long and dangles annoyingly across your chest, or blemishes on your skin. Prime your skin along the neckline before the big event with exfoliation, moisturizers and, if necessary, medication to kick out any pimples or acne.

If you don’t feel comfortable showing some cleavage, don’t. Cleavage takes confidence, but all that confidence can be yours by following these tips.

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