Prom Dress Tips for Skinny Girls

Sometimes being stick thin is a good thing, but at other times, you may feel as if you aren’t quite as curvy as you would like. On such a magical night such as prom, you’ll want to look your best and have the best formal dresses for your body type—so the question is, how do you make those curves appear?

First of all, look at your height to determine what kind of skirt that you would like. If you’re really tall, opt for a slightly below the knees skirt that is flared out. This will give your hips a wider appearance. If you’re shorter, you can choose a shorter dress, but try to make sure that it isn’t TOO short. It should be no shorter than 1/4th of the way up your thigh. Follow the same rules for short dresses as those for taller girls to help give the illusion of hips.

Draw attention to your tummy. Choose bunched fabric in that area, or ruffles, or anything else that will help it to look even slimmer. Make sure that the bust is very plain, perhaps with a few minute details. This will help you to look a bit bustier as well. Cocktail dresses that really show off your curves also help, even if your curves might not be as apparent as some. Lastly, choose your favorite color and have fun looking at prom dresses!

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