Tips on Avoiding the Shoe Fashion Police

Shoes can so easily make or break your outfit and just as easily leave you blisters or worse! Avoid the shoe fashion police and the need for bandages by following a few shoe tips.

Too clunky. An elegant gown can be immediately dragged down by a clunky pair of shoes. Overly square toes, wedge heels or a shoe with a stocky shape can kill off any grace your gown may have given you.

Wrong color. Your shoes should match or compliment your outfit, never detract from it. Here’s where black truly doesn’t go with everything; imagine a pastel ballerina dress with square toed black shoes- ugh! Neutrals are often a safe choice as is avoiding major patterns and embellishments on your shoes if both are already found on your gown.

Wrong size. No kidding. Gals have been known to try to cram their feet into too-small sizes just to make their feet look smaller. Don’t.

Impossible to function. It doesn’t matter how glam your shoes are if all you can do in them is sit there. Shoes that make it difficult to dance, walk or even stand are not the best choice for you. Go with a style in which you can move freely so you can freely enjoy your evening.

Making a statement can play a major role in selecting shoes for you elegant evening, but it’s also imperative your statement matches your outfit and still lets you enjoy your evening. These tips can help you mingle the best of both worlds when it comes to picking sizzling shoes!

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