Pop of Color

Adding a pop of color has never been more fun! Celebs are mixing things up with their styles simply by adding color. Take a traditional black dress and make it more fun by putting on some leopard stilettos and red lip stick. Winter white is a favorite of mine but can look dull by itself. Spice up your winter white outfit with colorful accessories and hot pink lips.

There are certain times of the year where mixing certain colors is a no-no. As Halloween creeps closer, don’t scare everyone with your wardrobe. Black and orange are both great colors to wear but don’t wear them together. By mixing black and orange around this time of the year, you may get mistaken for a pumpkin. Keep your fall looks going by adding some yellow to your orange outfit and you will look vibrant and fashion forward. It is also getting close to the Christmas season and the last thing you want to do is look like a Christmas ornament. Don’t pair your red blouse with a green clutch or emerald earrings. Make your red blouse work by accessorizing with a black bag and shoes. If you want to stay in the Christmas spirit, red and gold always look regal together.

Try something new! This is the time to experiment with color. Throw in a pop of purple or some fierce fuchsia in your collection for fall 2012. Even though color is in, make sure you look in the mirror before you step out on the town. Color is great when done correctly, but don’t look crazy. Have fun with fashion and try a pop of color!

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