Why you should take your Prom Dress to a Seamstress..

So you have your prom dresses all picked out and you and your friends find that you need to alter them. You can’t sew at all and the only person who can doesn’t have any idea how to take a dress in. So the question is—how exactly do you go about taking in your dress when you aren’t sure what you should do? How do you add that pretty lace border when you aren’t sure where to start? With all of these questions floating around your mind, it can be extremely difficult to realize just how much that you use a seamstress when it comes to prom dresses.

First of all, find a seamstress that you trust. See if you can examine some of her work, especially any work that may have been done on cocktail dresses and see if it fits your needs. If it does not, search for another seamstress instead. This may take some time, but in the end it is worth it. Most seamstresses are able to work not only on long dresses but also on short dresses. Try to make an assessment based on what you feel will best suit you.

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