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Trend Report

It’s a new year, which means it’s award season, which also means that the fabulous red carpet starlets are setting the precedent for the must have styles for current and upcoming prom seasons. All eyes are on the movers and … Read more

Charitable Fashion With Thakoon

It seems like Fall is the perfect season to introduce new products, especially those that benefit charities. Fashion designer, Thakoon Panichgul, is now selling a limited edition scarf that helps fight famine in Africa. You may remember Thakoon as the … Read more

Tips for Finding Unique Prom Dresses

The search for prom dresses can be difficult, because there are only so many choices that girls want to wear. What is important, however, is finding a dress that is unique enough for her; you don’t want to have your … Read more

Why You Should Bring A Shawl With Your Prom Dress

It’s the day of prom and you’ve picked out your choice of prom dresses, or formal dresses or any other kind of dresses that you can think of. You’re super excited about your outfit and you just can’t wait to … Read more

Yellow Prom Dresses

One of the most interesting parts of a woman’s life is the time needed to look perfect. If you go to a small gathering or a glamorous evening, she still feels the need to dress to perfection. There is a … Read more

Pleated homecoming dress

Pleated cocktail dresses can give the impression of sweetness on a man’s character and his sense of style. Finding a dress that is in the budget and offers may be the most flattering for the figure to find him a … Read more

The Reason for Appropriate Prom Dresses

It’s prom day! You’re excited and you have the prettiest dress ever picked out. So you put it on, do your makeup, do your hair, and you head off to prom, ready to dance until you drop. However, you end … Read more

How Long Should Your Prom Dress Be?

So, you’ve decide to go shopping for prom dresses, formal dresses, or cocktail dresses—and you’re excited. You know exactly what you’re looking for, but you also kind of considering buying short dresses instead, since they’re in right now. However, the … Read more

Idea for Spicing Up an Old Prom Dress

So you have an old prom dress and you have absolutely no idea how you’re going to dress it up in order to make it look the way that you want. After all, you want your dress to look its … Read more

How to Avoid Ugly Prom Dresses

So you’re going to shop for prom dresses and you see a number of dresses that you like. Maybe you aren’t all that experienced with prom dresses or perhaps you just don’t know much about fashion or are frequently told … Read more

Hair Accessories and Your Prom Dress

So you want to buy a few hair accessories—but you want them to match your prom dresses. The question that you might be wondering is—how on earth do I get my prom dresses, formal dresses or cocktail dresses to match … Read more

Last Minute Prom Dress Fixes

You literally have one hour until it’s time to go to prom—maybe less. You and your friends all have your prom dresses on and you’re all ready to go when—uh oh, you have a problem! However, the question is—how can … Read more

Tips for Helping Your Girlfriend Pick out Her Prom Dress

So your girlfriend has recruited you to go prom dress searching with her and you have no way of getting out of it. Even worse—she wants your opinion on the prom dresses that she tries on. The question is—how exactly … Read more

Prom Dress Tips for the Clumsy

If you’re clumsy than finding prom dresses that won’t end in disaster generally aren’t easy to find. However, there are a few tips that you can follow in order to make your prom night easy and to also prevent any … Read more

Choosing the Right Top for your Prom Dress

So you’re taking the time to choose your prom dresses and you aren’t entirely sure what top that you should choose. After all, you have to take the time to think about what is the most comfortable, best looking top … Read more

Dressing Up Your Prom Dress

So you bought a prom dress—a very simple prom dress. But you’re worried because everyone else is going to have prom dresses that are really flash and fancy and you won’t. Naturally, this is a bit unnerving. The question is—do … Read more

Keeping Cool in your Prom Dress

So you know how to keep warm in your prom dress, but now you have the task of staying cool during prom season. Say that you wanted to keep cool because you’re the type of person who gets warm very, … Read more

Finding a Prom Dress

So you’re looking for prom dresses—but you have absolutely no idea how to find them. Maybe you don’t know where the best dresses are sold or you aren’t sure what dress that you’re looking for. So the question is—how do … Read more

Why you should take your Prom Dress to a Seamstress..

So you have your prom dresses all picked out and you and your friends find that you need to alter them. You can’t sew at all and the only person who can doesn’t have any idea how to take a … Read more

All About Skirts: Prom Dresses

When it comes to prom dresses and skirts, it can be a bit of a pain in order to decide what kind of skirt that you should choose. After all, there are so many skirts that go with so many … Read more