Prom Dress Tips for the Clumsy

If you’re clumsy than finding prom dresses that won’t end in disaster generally aren’t easy to find. However, there are a few tips that you can follow in order to make your prom night easy and to also prevent any potential accidents. Make sure that you find a dress that you are not only comfortable in, but also one that you feel looks really good on you. However, sometimes this makes it a bit difficult because you never know what might turn into a hazard!

First of all, when you buy prom dresses, don’t choose huge poofy dresses. The main reason is that they become easy tripping, catching, or even fire hazards, which is the last thing that anyone needs on their prom day. You also need to beware of really long, cumbersome skirts that may pose a problem with tripping. While short dresses may not be your thing, make sure that your dress is at least halfway up your calves to prevent tripping. You should check out the popular high-low trend in prom dresses such as those shown in Tony Bowl’s 2011 collection.

These tips also work if you happen to be going to prom with someone who is rather clumsy. After all, you don’t want your date to get hurt either! As for shoes, make sure that if you have trouble walking in heels without tripping, then you should instead choose flats, since they have a lower risk of making you trip in your prom dresses.

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