Why You Should Bring A Shawl With Your Prom Dress

It’s the day of prom and you’ve picked out your choice of prom dresses, or formal dresses or any other kind of dresses that you can think of. You’re super excited about your outfit and you just can’t wait to go. However, once you get there, you’re told that your short dresses are too short or that you should have brought a jacket because of the back of your dress. So, you’re a tiny bit upset and you aren’t sure what you should have done, but now you’re out of a bit of money and you have no plans for the night.

The good thing about shawls is that they can take inappropriate prom dresses and make them the picture of modesty. Not only do they help to make them more appropriate, but they also have the upside of adding a touch of elegance to any dress.

Some dresses come with shawls or you can decide on what type of shawl you should wear based on the colors and complexity of your dress. If you have a very fancy, very decorative dress, choose a simpler shawl and vice versa. As for color, you should leave your shawls neutral—it makes it a lot easier to mix and match them and then you can use your shawl with outfits other than prom dresses or other dresses that are that color.

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