Last Minute Prom Dress Fixes

You literally have one hour until it’s time to go to prom—maybe less. You and your friends all have your prom dresses on and you’re all ready to go when—uh oh, you have a problem! However, the question is—how can you quickly fix whatever the problem is as soon as possible before prom?

First of all, have a mini-glue gun handy. It may sound tacky, but consider it this way: most problems can be fixed in less than an hour. However, some things can be fixed either with needle and thread—or with a glue gun. It’s always a good idea to have one on you just in case you happen to need it. You may want to keep sewing needles and thread on you in the case that you need to repair a button.

Firstly, you can use the glue gun to hem prom dresses. You never know when a prom dress’s hem might go and you end up with a weird looking dress because of it. Your best option is to use the glue gun quickly, using a thin strip, and then let it dry. It should only take a few short minutes and is a quick fix. The same can be said of buttons and even minor tears. For buttons, you will need a little bit more glue, as opposed to other formal dress repairs.

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