Tips for Wearing a Bustle at Your Formal Affair

If you are wondering if that super-long, super-full gown you have your eye on will still allow you to still dance the night away, the answer may come in the form of a bustle. A bustle is a gathering of material from an excessively long or full skirt, the She Knows website explains. An elaborate ball gown may come equipped with one so you can move and groove without stumbling and tripping.

 When to use it. The main time to use the bustle on your dress is when you need or want the ultimate freedom of movement. Although your movements may still be a bit restricted just because, well, you’re wearing an elaborate gown, they will be less restricted when excess material is tied up and out of the way.

Gowns that feature bustles typically have small ties or straps you secure around the extra material to hold in place and detach to let it back down.

When not to use it. Making a dramatic entrance, getting your formal photos snapped or sitting down for extended periods are not the best time for a bustle. You’ll want the full length and glory of your gown exposed for dramatic entrances and photos. And the bustle can get in the way when sitting for extended periods.

Once you bustle up your ball gown, don’t expect it to un-bustle into its former glory. The fabric may be a bit wrinkled or crinkled upon its release, which means saving the bustle for the second half of the night may be a good idea.

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