Tips on Avoiding the Undergarments Fashion Police

Your undergarments can be just as important as your evening wear when it comes to looking elegant in your formal gown.

 Cut. The cut of your undergarments is crucial, especially that of your bra. Picking a cut that matches the cut of the gown is a must to avoid the horrible fashion mistake of exposed bra straps. If any part of your bra is showing, you need a different bra. Strapless gowns require strapless bras while backless numbers may need inserts or other support. Don’t go without a bra if you need the support.

Support. Many celebrities opt for added support beyond the underwire bra. Padded panties are en vogue for creating a shapely derriere while stretchy undergarments can help keep the body slim, svelte and lump-free under an especially form-fitting dress like a sheath or a mermaid gown.

Color. The color of your undergarments especially comes into play if you have a semi-sheer or light-colored gown. The outline of your under garments should not be part of your outfit. Consider a slip or even a nude body stocking if your dress is particularly sheer or see-through.

Panty lines. Panty lines are nearly as bad as exposed bra straps when it comes to ruining a look. Make sure you try on the specific pair of underwear you intend to wear beneath your dress to make sure you avoid them.

The wrong fit, cut or color of your undergarment can totally ruin your look, but these tips can help you avoid the faux pas and, more importantly, the underwear fashion police!

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