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Big Hair is Back!

They always say what goes around comes around, and this is so true for big hair!  We live in a generation where anything goes, but people are running out of new creative ways to style their hair.  When all options … Read more

Pointy Toed Shoes are Poppin!

Shoes can make or break and outfit.  This season’s trend aim’s toward the pointy toed shoes!  Even though it is summer, celebrities on all the red carpets are sporting stilettos with fierce pointy toes.  Emma Stone has been caught on … Read more

Finding the Next Fashion Designer

  There is so much unnoticed talent from strangers that you pass every day.  People around the world have talent to write, sing, design, etc.  but are never given the opportunity to share their gifts.  Giving them the opportunity to … Read more

Summer Makeup Tips – Vol. 1

Good Morning! And what a beautiful morning it is – summer is here, cancer’s are astrologically in power mode, and it may be time to change up your makeup regime – well that one may not sound as positive as … Read more

Looking to Trim Down for the Beach? Then Avoid a Liquid Cleanse

With summer officially here, and temperatures across large chunks of the U.S. jumping into the triple digit range, the time to hit the beach has definitely arrived. And as always, worries about swimsuit fits, cellulite and unsightly flab are coming along for the ride. With precious little time … Read more

Travel Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

As summer has obviously arrived (temperatures may exceed 100 degrees today!), vacations and traveling are on the brain, well when the heat isn’t. Short day trips are always fun and easy. There are no travel preparations, besides maybe the picnic … Read more

Tips on Avoiding the Jewelry Fashion Police

The fashion police can be after you in a jiffy if you pile on too much or the wrong type of jewelry. They will also be at your door if you go for anything plastic or violate one of these … Read more

Tips for Wearing a Ball Gown

Your first tip for wearing a ball gown is paying attention to the fit and the elaborateness of the gown, and ball gowns can be quite elaborate! The gown’s bodice should hug your upper body without being too tight. You’ll … Read more

Tips on Avoiding the Shoe Fashion Police

Shoes can so easily make or break your outfit and just as easily leave you blisters or worse! Avoid the shoe fashion police and the need for bandages by following a few shoe tips. Too clunky. An elegant gown can … Read more

How to Wear a White Gown without Looking Like a Bride

Skipping the veil on your head is a great start to not looking like a bride in a white evening gown at prom! But that’s a given. Here are a few other tips that can help you look like you’re … Read more

Tips for Avoiding the Cleavage Fashion Police

Wearing an elegant gown with a hint of cleavage can make your look all the more alluring, but going overboard with the cleavage can ruin your entire look. Fit. The No. 1 way to get the fashion police after you … Read more

Wear Watermelon This Weekend!

TGIF!! Everyone looks forward to the weekend. A little R&R sets you up to have a good and productive work week. Whether you are getting ready for dinner, dancing or just to go to the mall this weekend…pull out something … Read more

May Prom Dress Giveaway

Register to win this sexy short homecoming dress for 2012. We have a winner, CONGRATULATIONS to SIMONA from Italy! Simona after receiving of the dress please take a picture and send it to us to post it.

Bright is Back!

Summer is right around the corner and bright colors have already made their entrance this year!  Spring fashion shows were filled with bold bright colors such as tangerine, turquoise and yellow.  Fun fuchsias and powerful purples have also had an … Read more

Outrageous Nails Are In!

Nails, Nails, Nails!!  There is something fun and freeing about getting your nails done.  No matter what dress size you are, what age you are, or what your skin color is…nails are something everyone can experiment with.   There is so … Read more

Prom Dress Giveaway for April 30th 2012

Want to win a FREE prom dress?  This is your last chance in April to win this prom dress from!  Three lucky winners will have there choice of this dress in four amazing colors.  Click here to see the … Read more

Stay Stylish with These Spring and Summer Makeup Tips

May is just around the corner and for most of the U.S. the warm weather is already here, and judging by how hot it has gotten in the past couple weeks things probably won’t be cooling off again until it’s … Read more

April 22nd Giveaway for Prom Dresses

Still did not win? No problems. Register for the new giveaway ending April 22nd. The short prom dress 1537 is ideal for junior prom, graduation or homecoming parties.

Beware Knock Off Sites When Buying a Prom Dress Online!

Hello girls, is proud to announce we have just received the seal of approval from the fine folks over at Top Prom Websites. As some of you have already been unfortunate enough to find out there are A LOT … Read more

Will you be’s first Prom Queen?

Will you be’s first Prom Queen? Upload a picture on our Facebook page from your prom in one of our prom dresses to enter! Your pictures will be posted on our facebook Prom Queen album and our Prom Queen … Read more